Thursday, 5 April 2007

Looking Forward to More Reading

My tiny ibook sorta went bonkers last night and when I did a search at Apple Support, I discovered its batteries need to be replaced. The Good Husband promised to bring the little thing to an Apple shop today and I wonder if they will be able to replace the batteries immediately. The Good Husband has not yet called to update me on the status of this affair, so I'm still wondering. On the other hand, if I don't have my laptop, I'll probably have time to do more reading and crafts. Which is a good thing anyway.

I should add the to my booklist for the Once Upon A Time Challenge, The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly and something by Angela Carter, perhaps one of those gruesome reworkings of fairy tales. And I completely forgot I have a copy of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell so I should get round to reading that too. I've started on Sabriel and it's a very easy book. I got distracted so often this week, otherwise, I think I could have finished it within 3-4 days.

As though I don't have enough on my plate, I'm compulsively adding this, to my to-do list:

I spotted it at Stuff as Dreams are Made on and I couldn't resist. Will think about what books to read for this one.


Chris said...

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell was amazing. It's like Jane Austen meets Neil Gaiman. I think you'll like it. Good luck on the Banned Books Challenge! I've enjoyed it so far :) Enjoy your quiet weekend!

Carl V. said...

The Book of Lost Things is one I really want to read soon. Its sounds wonderful.