Friday, 13 April 2007

Lirael Completed

Whew! Read and read and read to the exclusion of all my other projects.

Now I've finished reading Lirael. It was not a surprise - Lirael's parentage. I'm just surprised at the number of characters I've taken a dislike to.

Will be starting on Abhorsen. Several threads are coming together in this final book. I'd like to know the characters a little better by this book. So far it's been much more action than drama. It makes for a good, speedy read but there's something missing for me. I'm not growing attached to any of the characters in the books. I hope Abhorsen will bring not only closure but also deliver meatier personalities.

I've got a couple of art and sewing projects I want to do this weekend. I'm not sure how fast I can go with Abhorsen but I'd like to finish it so that I can return the trilogy to the library by the due date.


Chris said...

I may be wrong since I haven't read them in awhile, but I'm pretty sure everything comes together in Abhorsen. I just remember loving the series so it had to leave me with a good impression ;)

Nymeth said...

I loved this trilogy, I'll be looking forward to your final review. Abhorsen will give you closure alright, and also a surprise or two.

Marina said...

I have two of the three on my shelf, borrowed from my MIL. Probably won't be reading them in time for the challenge, but I really have to get them back to her. Your mention of Lirael has me pretty intrigued.