Saturday, 14 March 2009

Discoveries About My Own Weaknesses and Kim Hyun Joong

Just to be clear. I like Lee Min Ho best, as an actor and for his looks! But anyway, I was following links mindlessly and made a few disoveries about Kim Bum and Kim Hyun Joong, who I grow ever more fond of as the Boys Before Flowers series progresses.

Today's discovery: Kim Bum has dimples!

No wonder I have such a soft, soft, soft, soft spot for him. It's a subconscious thing I suppose, because I never noticed it, until I saw this photo. I always felt his smile was so cute. Guess I have a weakness for dimpled guys. This is must be the no. 937283476123873 actor/singer I like who has dimples.

Next, I also discovered Kim Hyun Joong started out as a singer with the popular group, SS501. He's got such a good voice and is such a good dancer too!

I actually didn't like him much when I first started watching Boys Before Flowers because he looked so sissy and stiff. His acting improved over time and in this talk show, he reveals how he looked for comments on how to improve his acting. Also he's really funny and candid with his comments. Apparently alot of ajuma like him! Hahaha, check out the older women in the talk show going gaga over him! LOL.

I like his candid and quirky style in real life. I think he comes across very sweet. eg. in this radio interview.

and eg. in this other talk show where he talks about love and sings in his gorgeous voice.

I actually saw this SS501 MTV of Ur Man on tv and I was very impressed with the dance choreography. I wondered how these guys could make pointing their fingers together (one of the moves in the dance) look so cool.

I didn't notice Kim Hyun Joong was in it! Apparently he is actually, and here he is practising the moves. Very nice.

So anyway, here are the 3 cute F4 boys (without Lee Min Ho) making an ad.

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Friday, 13 March 2009

Hana Yori Dango, Boys Before Flowers, Meteor Garden

Ok I admit it! I am bloody biased or blinded or whatever! I don't care! Hahaa.

I happen to think the cast for K-drama Boys Before Flowers, the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, is the best looking compared to the Japanese and Taiwanese versions.

Lookie how cutie they all be! (Plastic surgery rumours or whatever! To hell with it all! The outcome looks so good on these guys, if they did do surgery, I'm not saying they did. I wouldn't know and it doesn't matter to me.)

I never wanted to watch the Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden, because I really hated the looks of the lead actors (*gag*). I mean, come on! There are better looking Taiwanese guys compared to these ones ... and to think this series shot them to stardom. *gag some more!*

And maybe it's the difference in era and fashion and tastes, but the Japanese cast looked soooo girlish, I couldn't stand it!!

I'm not romanticising Korean guys nor am I saying all Korean actors win hands down, but someone made a montage comparing the different cast and I think the Korean cast for this series really meet my taste.

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