Monday, 2 April 2007

A Craving For Jane Austen

How is it possible, that with a deluge of books at home and in my bag, I have a sudden pathetic, wistful longing for Pride and Prejudice? I've discarded my mildewed copy from Secondary school, so I'm probably going to have to run to the bookshop to search for another (hopefully cheap). It is difficult to resist such a craving. It comes almost every month (just before a certain time that women are familiar with). I really should just buy the book and flip through it whenever the desire strikes.

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Carl V. said...

That is a wonderful book to have a craving for. Definitely sounds like you need a good copy to flip through. Don't know what bookstores you have in your area, but both Borders and Barnes and Noble have multiple versions of the Jane Austen books very cheap. I have a really nice, but very small, hardback that cost me $5.