Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Doctor Who Discs

The New Doctor Who DVD box sets are on sale at Amazon at almost half the original price.

We already have Season 1 discs, have seen all of Season 2 and are still watching Season 3 on BBC Entertainment channel on cable. So, with all my Christmas pressie and personal makeup, skincare, shoes, bags, clothes, and electronic device lists, I am wondering whether I should even buy those discs!

They are so tempting though ... so many wants and such limited cash ...

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Monday, 24 November 2008


We stayed up to watch Vexille on Octo last night.

The way the storyline unfolded in stages, together with enough action sequences, kept me piqued and keen to continue staying up to watch. I liked the art work with surreal and beautiful scenes.

Here's a Wiki link to the plot summary of Vexille, but I'd say not to read it, but watch the anime first so that the story reveals itself slowly to you.

The only misgiving I had about this was the key premise for the entire show, which is also the turning point that reveals the main "secret". I felt it's an unrealistic one, as in why did "It" have to done to everyone?

Other than that, I felt it was an entertaining anime, worth staying up late to watch.

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Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Woods are Dark & Out are the Lights, Richard Laymon

I read about The Woods are Dark at a blog that discussed the newly-released full original version of the book, which is filled with gratuious sex and violence that were edited out in the previous editions.

Not wanting to spend money and storage space on such a "trashy" book, I went to the local library to borrow it. I found a 2-in-1 edition, which also included another book of short stories, Out are the Lights, by the same author

The Woods are Dark is sufficiently fast-paced, gory and freaky, but I'm thinking it's the censored version that I read because I was shocked at several parts but it wasn't ever really too stomach churling. I wish the library has the new uncensored version for a frightening read.

As for the short story collection, Out are the Lights, not all the stories are well-written and some are actually quite corny, but there are a few gems in the collection.

Overall, these 2 books are easy and quick reads for light, scary amusement.

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