Saturday, 4 April 2009

Some New Books

Okie, I wanted to be inspired, so I bought these books. I hope I read them and get all positive and enlightened ...

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There were some other books I wanted to get but I restrained myself because I wanted to feel like I was pious and wasn't a spendthrift. Maybe I could borrow them from the library? Because it seems some of these books come in a series: The Twilight Watch, The Tooth Fairy, The Keeper and The Hollow.

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Thursday, 2 April 2009

BOF: Which F4 Would You Fall For In Real Life?

This was a question we asked ourselves last night, when Pinky and I were having dinner. I joked that I'd choose Joon Pyo because he's the richest.

Today, I saw the same question asked on Lidk's blog and spent a moment thinking about it a second time. Lidk asked:

"Out of the F4, who would you most likely fall for? Not married…date or whatever, but fall for."

In real-life, I did usually fall for the guy-guy not the sensitive-guy or the suave-guy, so in real-life, it'd really either be Joon Pyo or Woo Bin. You know, the guy-guy sort of guy? Not really good at expressing himself, abit egoistic and can be sometimes so insensitive but is really caring in his own way? And is a manly-man.

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