Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thoughts on Again, My Love

I've been catching episodes of K-drama Again, My Love on KBS World every now and then. I saw the first few episodes and found the leads, Yoon Hee and Min Soo very annoying.

In particular, I was super annoyed by the way Yoon Hee (the female lead) was portrayed. It's true, the script required her to be steely and determined: Her character is supposed to be ambitious and vicious, able to hold her own against older "dragon lady", Min Soo's mother, Mdm Han, who is also the lady president of a large corporate empire. Despite that, I think Yoon Hee is also supposed to be loveable/endearing in certain ways because many people love her. Yet, I found nothing at all endearing about the way the lead actress portrayed her.

So, I stopped watching it, especially when I soon also found Min Soo too annoying. Though not as annoying as Yoon Hee. It was mostly Yoon Hee who irked me.

Recently I started watching it again at episode 20-22. I think it's nearing the end of the series and to avoid spoilers for people who might want to watch it, let's just say that the 2 lead characters are experiencing some hardships. I think viewers, in normal circumstances, would be rooting for the leads and hoping they will overcome their difficulties. However, I felt no sympathy at all, especially for the female lead! I felt she deserved to get as much hardship and "punishment" as possible, as a come-uppance to her bloody arrogance.

I feel this is a failure on the part of the lead actress, Park Ye Jin, who plays Yoon Hee. I felt she veered to much into self-righteousness in playing the character Yoon Hee. In fact, I felt more sympathy for the supposedly "evil" older dragon lady, Mdm Han, played by Choi Myeong Gil. Her portrayal of this character, Mdm Han, has many layers. I find it easier for me to accept her as a flawed human who made mistakes but is suffering from her errors, despite all her evil ways.

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