Sunday, 10 May 2009


Just wanted to write about some movies I saw recently (some on the plane).

Shinjuku Incident - very entertaining. I quite liked it.
Curious Case of Benjamin Button - very nice story, but I didn't like the leads *sad*
7 Pounds - cried tonnes ... Will Smith outdid himself!
Transporter 3 - formula is getting a bit tired but I still love Jason Statham
K20: Legend of the Mask - quite entertaining. Takeshi Kaneshiro is cute but he speaks Japanese weirdly - it sounds weird to me, even though I'm not a Japanese / speak Japanese.
X-men Origins: Wolverine - Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! And lots of hot bods to boot!
Knowing - Sucks. Zzzzzz. (I didn't finish it, shhhhh).

I want to catch Star Trek and Fast & Furious 4 next.

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