Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thoughts on Angel

I'm currently watching Angel on DVD and I'm into the last season now.

It's so strange that though Season 4 was mostly "turgid supernatural soap-opera" (to quote Gunn in Season 4), I miss some elements that made it a family-romance soap opera - basically the Cordelia-Connor and Wesley-Lilah pairings. These 2 couples have such a lovely-weird chemistry.

Wesley and Lilah are so good together, I actually like Lilah very much! I was so happy to see her return for an episode in Season 5.

Connor and Cordelia are so weird, so absolutely weird, mainly because Charisma Carpenter looks older than her age and Vincent Kartheiser is extremely young-boyish in appearance. So even though they are 9 years apart in real-life age (1979 versus 1970), they look like they have a 20-year age gap between them onscreen. But I find they have more chemistry than Angel and Cordelia.

Both these couples are taken off the story-line in Season 5, and though Spike is back (I love Spike), I find I'm missing Connor and Lilah so badly. I'm also going to miss watching Angel!

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