Sunday, 31 August 2008


I'm watching the last episode of the last season of Angel, like, right now. Sob! I don't want it to end! I was glad to see Connor return for the final episodes to wrap things up. Haha, Connor's script had him lusting after Illyria and a line that goes, "I have a thing for older women..." Funny. Another older woman. Well, sob sob sob, the end of the Angel Fest. Never fear! I'm starting on Buffy tomorrow. Glad I have all 7 Seasons in my collection to indulge.

Some favourite/wonderful acting moments in the final season:

  • Wesley and Fred in love
  • Fred's death
  • Wesley's death
  • Connor
  • Angel as a puppet
  • Angel and Spike fighting

Most favourite, I think was Willow meeting Fred. Gawd! They are so alikey! LOL.

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