Monday, 13 July 2009

Reading Resolutions

Well, I have been reading alot and waching alot of movies but haven't been able to find time to blog any reviews. I have become very busy at work and also at home. It hasn't helped at all that I've also been very sick with a bad cough that lasted for months and progressed into pneumonia. All the meds I've been taking have made me very sleepy and tired.

Recently, due to lack of space, I had to discard books and magazines that I acquired in the past few years. I need to resolve to buy fewer books. Only buying those that I intend to reread or use as references. Hence, I resolve to revisit my local library more regularly. I still have a few purchased books to read but once I'm through with them, I'll go back to the library for my reading sustenance.

I'll try to do a quick summary of all the books and movies in the next few posts. It's more for my personal record than anything else. We've booked advance tickets for the latest Harry Potter instalment, at my son's insistence. I have high expectations for this movie and the son is also eagerly anticipating it. I hope it doesn't let us down, not that the other Harry Potter movies have ever let us down in the past.

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miRaCLe said...

ahhhh!!! thanks for reminding!! the BF called me from Tekong :p
to get the Harry porter tickets too!!
omg! i almost forgot again!! hahas

hope you enjoy the movie with your son! :))

Andrew Gerald Hales said...

give away your self-help books and enjoy your life ;)