Thursday, 19 February 2009

Review: Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer

Finished Eclipse last night. Again, no synopsis from me, to avoid spoilers (if it means anything at all), just my feelings about the book.

Everyone grew up in this book, including Bella, and I think I can like her better now. I stopped getting annoyed with her first person "voice" that the book was written in. I loved the last portion written in Jacob's voice (ie. from his perspective) the most. I could identify with his feelings when he thought about running away and remaining a wolf forever. Not that I am facing love problems, just that sometimes, life ...

How can I only root for Jacob Black? No matter how idiotic he gets? Isn't this series supposed to be about Bella and Edward? Seriously, maybe I should have read Twilight. Maybe that would have helped me feel more for Bella and Edward. Yet, I like Jacob best. No matter what. How impossible of me.

Honestly, I want a story, a book about Jacob. I want more stories about the werewolves. I got quite abit of it in this book, there's more background about werewolves, vampires and individual histories of the various characters are explained a bit more in Eclipse. The other positive aspect of Eclipse is that the plot is a little more rich compared to New Moon.

Overall, Eclipse was a better read than New Moon. I'm starting on Breaking Dawn today. I need to finish the books, because I have a stack of k-drama DVDs to watch, and I just picked up some cheap movie CDs yesterday.

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