Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Doctor Who

Doctor Who features hugely in our lives.

The Doctor Who boxsets I purchased arrived. They were my son's Christmas pressie (as he requested and I happily complied because I wanted them too haha).

Two of us watched them discs one after another. Even episodes that we've seen before, then saved some that we've not seen for the New Year's Day holiday.

I love the immediate connection we have in the shared memories and experiences of Doctor Who episodes. We both love David Tennant and are quite sad when we found out he's going to quit Doctor Who! We even discuss Doctor Who theories and timelines.

Imagine that. It blows my mind.

I can't even get grown adults to talk Doctor Who but my 9 year old can. There must be something good if even Neil Gaiman watches and discusses Doctor Who, so don't go dissing Doctor Who as something childish or mindless that adults couldn't possibly comprehend.

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