Saturday, 31 March 2007

What? Another Blog?

Am I mad?

I already have a doll blog and just started a scrapbook & art blog, so what am I doing with yet another blog?

But that's me folks. I'm anal in that way. I like to organise, compartmentalise and analyse. Which explains the Theoretical Linguistics degree that I have and the research job that I'm doing. Which explains the type of fiction-writing that I'm writing (trying to), the tv that I'm watching and the books that I'm reading.

So, another blog. Dedicated to my so-called "intellectual pursuits". Except, try to ignore the fact that I'm sloppy with my spelling and often grammatically incorrect. If I spot it, I'll attack it like a good language-Nazi but usually, I'm in too much of a rush to finish writing and have moved on to another idea before I see the errors.

It just so happens that the other day, while looking for something to read online, I followed the links (as it usually is) and landed on a splendid site, Stainless Steel Droppings. And how serendipitous that the blogger has just embarked on a Once Upon A Time reading challenge!

"The Once Upon a Time Challenge will take place beginning Thursday, March 22nd (I’m late, per usual) and will end on Midsummer Night’s Eve, June 21st. It is a reading challenge to celebrate spring, the time of rebirth and renewal, by experiencing the type of storytelling that connects us with our past."

Ofcourse I have to join in! For a person who has just come out of a minor but long-running episode of low-grade reading depression, where I was completely unable to read, I am now running around reading tonnes and tonnes of books again! I am happy to report that the genres that I have loved since I was a kid are able to tickle my reading fancy again.

So as I begin this new blog and also this challenge. You can come along for the ride if you want.

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